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Your inbox is a great way to stay connected to the ministries of The Eliot Congregational Church of Roxbury. Imagine opening your email to receive a wonderful word sent from God through our beloved Pastor, Rev. Dr. Evan C. Hines.  Check out our sermons and should you want to receive a sermon or  series, please let us know.

ECCOR New Media Ministry

ECCOR Sermons for anyone wishing to receive the latest sermon and stay up to date with the latest about The Eliot.

Each sermon download will cost $3 for an audio download and $7 for a visual download!

Each sermon will cost $5 for an audio CD and $10 for a DVD!

Each series will cost $25 for audio CD’s and $45 for a DVD set!

Please fill in the form below.  In the body of the message please specify which sermon and/or series you wish to purchase.  A confirmation email will be sent to you with any download information and/or delivery date.

Thank you for joining our journey!

Your privacy is important to us…we don’t distribute our e-lists to any outside parties.

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