Alvah Kittredge House and Roxbury Heritage State Park

With the recent renovation of the Alvah Kittredge House and a 2 million dollar investment in Roxbury Heritage State Park, the time is right to resurrect the rich collective history of not only the Dillaway-Thomas House, The First Church and the Eliot Congregational Church but many historic entities in and around John Eliot Square.

Kittredge was quite instrumental in the establishment of Eliot Church in 1834 as one of many churches that were birthed from The First Church where John Eliot served as the church’s second pastor.  The historic parsonage found on the grounds of the state park in Roxbury was built by Rev. Oliver Peabody in 1750.

Many years before Jacob Abbott established The Eliot that ultimately landed on the corner of Walnut and Dale Street.

(I will be updating these notes periodically).